The Accord Way

  1. Honesty…always

    Estate agents don’t have the best reputation and sometimes deservedly so. However, at Accord, we will ALWAYS be honest in our dealings with you. Honesty is one of our core values.

  2. Right Advice for YOU

    We will always give you sound advice. Advice that is in your best interests, even if that sometimes means we do not see any direct financial benefit ourselves.

  3. Respect

    We do not agree with the statement ‘Respect is earned not given’ we believe that we all deserve respect. Respect is the minimum standard we have when someone has an experience with our estate agency. However, we expect respect to be returned. This is why we will never tolerate abuse, rudeness or any form of discrimination towards our staff.

  4. Experience

    Our team has a total of more than 100 years' experience in estate and letting agency. There’s hardly anything that we haven’t seen or problems we haven't solved.

  5. Local Experts (not just property experts)

    Our team have lived, worked and/or grown up in the area. Whether you want advice on where to look for the right property based on your requirements or just need a recommendation for the best local Indian restaurant…we’ve got you covered.

  6. Family Values

    Our business is run by a mother and son. We treat our team as part of our extended Accord family. They extend these values to our clients. Not every move is necessarily a happy one, it’s important to have compassion, empathy and care.

  7. Passion

    It may sound corny but it’s true. At Accord, we are all passionate about property, otherwise, we’d be in different careers. We bring that enthusiasm and passion to the selling or renting process.

  8. Recommendations are key

    We believe that recommendations and referrals are still the number one way for us to grow our business. They’re also the most reliable performance measure. When someone recommends us to their friends, family or colleagues, we know we’ve done a good job!

  9. Community

    We believe in giving back to the community that supports our business. After all, without the support of our community, we’d have no business! We make it our mission to give where we can, sponsor what we can and help out where we can. We regularly sponsor school events, donate to local charities and we encourage our team to get involved with local good causes.

  10. Environmental Sustainability

    Unfortunately, we do not feel we have earnt the right to claim to be a ‘Green’ business just yet. However, we’re working on it! Our long-term goal is to become the first certified sustainable estate agent in Havering. We remain mindful of our impact on this planet and are taking big steps to minimise wastage, reduce our carbon footprint and make changes to our business practices to reduce our impact on the environment.