It’s fair to say that tenants’ needs have changed in recent years. With more people working from home than ever, has your rental property got the tech to appeal to top tenants?

In the current digital age, there are countless smart apps and devices that can help your property stand out in a crowded market.

In this quick read, we look at some easy ways to become a tech-savvy landlord, attract the best tenants and save money.


Let’s start with the basics. Everyone wants to be connected, so ensuring you offer the fastest broadband at your property is a must. While there’s no obligation to provide tenants with broadband, it’s much better to get it installed before a property is occupied rather than receiving irate calls from fed-up tenants struggling to connect (or letting them do it themselves).

Smart meters

If your rent includes bills, then a smart meter is an excellent way to understand how much you’re paying and identify potential savings. Similarly, if your tenant is responsible for bills, a smart meter will make them aware of their energy usage and spending. Smart meters are being rolled out to anyone responsible for paying energy bills and are an essential budgeting tool in the current cost of living crisis.

Smart heating

This wireless thermostatic device is a great way to save money and energy. It allows tenants to control the property’s heating from their phones, so if they’re going to be home later than expected, they can adjust the thermostat accordingly. The temperature can be controlled on a room-to-room basis and uses artificial intelligence to learn people’s heating needs.

Smart doorbells

These not only improve the security of your property but make a home more attractive to renters as they can see who’s coming and going and manage deliveries. With the added ability to record and store footage, this is a great safety feature.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a great asset if you own an HMO with communal areas. It allows you to control the times when lights come on and off or when motion is detected – saving money and reducing energy expenditure. Landlords of high-end properties can take smart lighting to another level, offering tenants mood lighting – all controlled by an app.

Smart smoke detectors

Installing smoke detectors is a legal requirement for all rental properties. But why not go one step further and install a smart smoke detector that will notify you if there’s a problem. This is helpful if your property is vacant or your tenants are away, as you can act quickly to ensure the safety of your rental.

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